There are numerous ways we can develop a customized strategy for YOU to fight back. There are a number of Federal and State laws that regulate mortgage brokers, lenders and servicers and detail what they must do, before, during and after making you a mortgage loan.

    There are often times they do not follow the rules properly, and if they do not do what the law requires, those provide a basis for claims you can raise. Often times these violations by the lenders and servicers provide a basis for a counterclaim by you against them in the foreclosure they file, or a cross claim against those who made your loan or contributed in some way to the problem you are facing. In other words, when utilized correctly, those claims provide you with ammunition and leverage.

    There have been numerous circumstances where you may have been the victim of fraud, rip-off, overreaching and other dishonest practices, unlawful or incompetent loan origination and loan management (servicing), incorrect loan accounting, incorrect acceleration and even incorrect foreclosure. Unfortunately dishonest and improper origination has been very common in Florida.

    If you do have a claim or defense, PROVIDED IT IS PROPERLY RAISED AND ARTICULATED, it will often prevent the current owner and loan servicer from getting a judgment in foreclosure, and may require the lender to compensate YOU for their violations. At times, the court may even require the LENDER TO PAY YOUR LEGAL FEES. For more details on these issues, please see the articles we have included in the FORECLOSURE INFORMATION section.

    WE HANDLE MATTERS IN STATE AND FEDERAL COURT IN ALL SOUTH FLORIDA COUNTIES, and are also involved in defending foreclosure cases throughout Florida.