• Are you worried about losing your house?
  • Are you behind on your mortgage?
  • Are your payments too high?
  • Is your mortgage as much or more than the value of your house?
  • Is your family a victim of the economy and/or the falling real estate market?
  • Has foreclosure already started or are you waiting for it to start at any time?
  • Are you trying in vain to get your mortgage company to work with you on a solution?
  • Are you fed up with the rude people who make you feel like You are the problem?
  • Do you get a different person and different information every time you call?
  • Are you and your family victims of dishonest lending practices?
  • Have you been served with papers from a Florida Circuit Court?
    There are many attorneys in Florida who claim they can buy you time and slow down the foreclosure. While this is sometimes true, it is not a solution for most people. In fact, this can often cause you to LOSE claims and defenses that might have been important in defense of your case.

    Throwing some paper at the court to cause a delay is NOT what we do. We take the loan and the foreclosure case apart, piece by piece, looking for everything that is wrong with it, from the misrepresentations that were made to you by the mortgage brokers and loan officers before the loan was closed, to strange and illegal conduct at closing, to errors by the mortgage company after closing, and then to errors made in the foreclosure process itself. There are very few loans closed during the “crazy period” from 2003 to 2007 that do not have things wrong with them, ranging from Truth in Lending violations to appraisal fraud and developer-lender price collusion. While it may be that now you can’t pay the mortgage, in many cases you were set up to fail. All of these are issues that, if handled properly, can create viable defenses to foreclosure.

    Did you beg your mortgage company for help, but they stood by and watched as you got in deeper and deeper? Did they tell you that they can’t do anything to help until you are in default and then start foreclosure once you missed a few payments?

    Did your mortgage company force you into default by adding inappropriate and unwarranted fees and outrageous force-placed insurance premiums?

    If you are disgusted and don’t know what to do next or where to turn, we can help. We will analyze your situation and tell you what alternatives we see. We will answer any questions you have, and when the appointment is over, you will clearly understand the landscape, and will clearly understand your options. There are so many rumors and so much misinformation floating around that it is impossible for consumers to have a clear picture of what is going on and where they fit in. It is impossible to make good decisions without accurate information. When the appointment is over, you will have the tools to make the decisions that make the most sense for you and your family.

    Once you are armed with the real facts, our objective is to work with you to find a way to achieve YOUR PREFERRED SOLUTION, whatever that may be. Of course, we too know how to slow down the foreclosure action, but that happens in every case in which we get involved, simply because litigation takes time. A “fast track” foreclosure is not possible in a seriously litigated case.

    Most of our clients want more than just to stall, and we can help them to get more. If your goal is to SAVE YOUR HOME, we work to find a SOLUTION, based on the particular facts and issues of YOUR case geared to find you the leverage you need to assist in saving your home, not just to negotiate a short sale or a deed in lieu of foreclosure. A short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure do just the opposite – they LOSE your home! And, the way things work today, you would STILL have a deficiency judgment exposure. So, a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure do not get you any closer to a solution.

    Because of our extensive background in financial services law, we are able to thoroughly analyze your loan and your situation to legitimately plan a customized defense strategy that fits your goals. This is generally true whether you are still struggling to make your mortgage payments, or have become unable to pay.

    We do not charge for an initial consultation, so there is no cost for you to contact us to let us see if we can help you to save your home. You owe it to yourself to find out.

    We Know Of Many Ways To Help You, Act Now!

Time Is Of The Essence, Don't Wait

    Foreclosure defense litigation is normally done in the Circuit Court where the foreclosure is filed. However, there are times when a particular situation might work out better litigated in bankruptcy court. There are a small number of attorneys in the US who have studied how to bring these issues in bankruptcy court. Sometimes, bankruptcy court may be a better forum for some of these issues. We do also practice bankruptcy law and are familiar with many innovative and creative bankruptcy strategies that are outside the range of practice of most bankruptcy attorneys.

    If you are in foreclosure in Florida, CONTACT US for foreclosure defense help to
    Stop The Foreclosure Machine.

    We are a team of Florida attorneys who really know what to do. We have developed programs that REALLY WORK, that are AFFORDABLE and that offer you SOLUTIONS and ALTERNATIVES you never dreamed existed.

    We have spent many years, and have been involved in many matters, focused on consumer financial services problems and issues. This gives us specialized background and experience, enabling us to help YOU with your mortgage and / or foreclosure problems.


    We are Consumer Advocates. Our objective is to find an AFFORDABLE way to utilize our knowledge of the law to Help You.

    You probably have defenses to foreclosure you have no idea exist. Most borrowers do.

    Time is of the Essence. You MUST act fast to protect your rights, or it can be too late, even before you realize it.

    Many people needing help with this situation simply do nothing because they think they can't afford help, and often the lenders and servicers encourage you to think they are "working with you" and that everything will be allright, but while they are talking to you, in most cases the foreclosure action is moving ahead.

    Once the case is over, you lose your ability to defend yourself and even to negotiate.

    Don't fall into that trap!
    And once a foreclosure case is filed, it is URGENT that you contact us immediately! We have locations in Broward and Palm Beach Counties and may even be able to help you over the Phone or Internet.



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